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VMC1160 Pre-sales Information

Product Introduction and Use
This product X, Y, Z three-axis servo direct control semi-closed vertical machining center, three-axis linear ball guide, guide rail load, span wide, high precision, suitable for heavy load, compact structure and size reasonable, the spindle is servo motor driven by the timing belt. It can realize the clamping of various parts such as discs, boards, housings, cams, and molds at one time. It can be used for drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping, etc. The production of medium and small batch products can satisfy the processing of complex and high-precision parts. The fourth rotary shaft can be equipped to meet the processing requirements of special parts.
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The main structural features

1. The base parts, carriages, worktables, columns, spindle boxes and other main parts are made of HT300 cast iron; the base is box-type structure, and the compact and reasonable symmetric rib structure ensures the high rigidity and bending resistance of the base parts. A-type bridge struts and internal grid-like ribs strongly guarantee the rigidity and precision of Z-axis strong cutting; the basic parts are made of resin sand and treated with aging to ensure the stability of the long-term use performance of the machine tool.

2. X, Y, Z three-way guide rails are Taiwan's ball linear guides, with high speed, high rigidity, low friction, low noise, low temperature changes and other characteristics, with automatic forced lubrication, improve machine tool accuracy life;

3.Z plus weight balance to ensure that the spindle box movement smooth, stable; Z-direction drive motor with electric brake;

4. X, Y, Z three-direction feed adopts high-precision and high-strength inner-ring double-nut preload large lead ball screw with high feed speed; drive motor is directly connected with screw through elastic coupling. The feed servo motor directly transmits the power to the high-precision ball screw without backlash, ensuring the positioning accuracy and synchronization of the machine tool;

5.the use of high-speed, high-precision, high-rigidity spindle unit, axial and radial bearing capacity, the maximum speed up to 8000rpm;

6. The main shaft adopts the central air blowing structure. When the main shaft is loosened, the center cone of the main shaft is rapidly cleaned with high-pressure gas to ensure the precision and life of the tool clamping.

7. X, Y, Z direction of the three guides, screw protection devices are used to ensure that the screw and guide rail clean, ensure the machine's transmission and movement accuracy and life;

8. The external protection of the machine tool adopts a full-protection structure design, which is easy to operate, safe, reliable and beautiful.

9. using reliable centralized automatic lubrication device, timing, quantitative automatic lubrication of the lubrication points of the machine tool can be adjusted according to the working conditions of lubrication time;

10. The oil-water separation device can separate most of the collected lubricating oil from the cooling liquid to prevent rapid deterioration of the cooling liquid, which is conducive to environmental protection;

11. The machine tool operating system adopts ergonomic principles. The operating box is designed independently and can be rotated by itself. It is easy to operate.


Technical Parameters

The main technical parameters

● First, itinerary

Travel X axis: 1100mm

Y axis: 600mm

Z axis: 600mm

Spindle face to table distance: 180-780mm

Distance from spindle center to main column guide surface: 655mm

● Second, the workbench

Working table size: 1200×600mm

weight capacity: 800kg

T-slot width: 18

T-slot number: 5

● Third, the main shaft

Taper specifications: BT40

Spindle speed: 8000

Spindle motor 11kw

● Fourth, rapid displacement

X, Y axis rapid movement rate: 20000mm

Z axis rapid movement rate: 18000mm

Cutting feed rate: 1-10000mm/min

● Fifth, accuracy

Positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm

Repeatability: ±0.003/300mm

CNC control system

The system has complete and reliable interlocking, safety protection and fault diagnosis alarms, etc. It is equipped with RS232 standard and network cable communication interface, can be programmed and stored with the computer, and can achieve DNC processing (different depending on the system).

● Motor

X/Y/Z axis AC servo motor (Torque Nm 20/20/20)

Power supply device

Power form Three-phase AC 380V±10% 50Hz±10%

Electrical capacity: 20KVA

Cooling system

Water tank capacity: 200L

Cooling pump power: 440W

Cooling pump flow: 67L/min

Rated head: 16m

Gas source

Use air pressure: 0.6MPa

Machine dimensions and weight

Machine dimensions (depth × left and right × height): 3350×2580×2500mm

Net weight of the machine tool: 6000Kg

The machine accessories

No. name Specifications or markings Quantity Note
1 Adjustable horns and bolts created by self 8 sets
2 Milling chuck BT40 1 set
3 Inside six wrench
1 set

List of major purchased parts

No. name specification
Quantity Note
1 Spindle unit BT40 (sleeve φ150) Tanjung, Taiwan 1 set
2 Boosting cylinder 4500 Wuxi Xieqing 1 set
3 X direction ball screw 4010/C3 Han River 1 pair Standard
4 Y direction ball screw 4010 /C3 Han River 1 pair Standard
5 Z direction ball screw 4010/C3 Han River 1 pair Standard
6 Three-axis rail
Taiwan HIWIN set Standard
7 Screw bearing
NSK or FAG 15
8 Double disc coupling
import 3
9 Cooling pump
Taiwan 1
10 Lubrication system Rui Qing Homemade 1 set
11 Pneumatic system
Taiwan 1 set
12 Disc magazine BT40-16 AIMACH 1 set

Standard configuration

1, spindle unit 8000rpm

2. Spindle servo motor: maximum speed 8000rpm, power 7.5Kw, torque 35.8Nm;

3. KND2000

4. Hanjiang screw;

5. rigid tapping;

6. move the hand pulse;

7. centralized automatic oil lubrication;

8. Z-axis counterweight system;

9. external cooling system and water tank;

10. simple oil and water separation device;

11. full protection sheet metal shield and rail shield;

12. adjust the horn sets;

15. tubular work lights, warning lights;

 Note: Due to the differences in configuration, special orders, numerical control systems, and the continuous improvement of products, some technical parameters will be affected. Please check the actual situation when ordering, and please understand the inconvenience.

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