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RD4013/RD5014/RD6016/RD8020/RD8025 Radial Drills

  • RD4013/RD5014/RD6016/RD8020/RD8025

· Frequency conversion transducer spindle stepless digital readout for the display of speed.

· Strength spindle, with limiting protection for limiting position.

· Electrical box and coolant button is on the right of spindle box.

· Hydraulic pressure clamp; interlock of rocker arm clamping and up & down movement; clamping of column and spindle box could be simultaneous or separated.

· Trochoid thin oil lubrication.

· With safety protection device.

· At the bottom of lead screw and guide surface can be add protection device.

· Importable electrical components with CE/CSA/UL standard.

· Electric box control by PLC.

· Length worktable,supply inclined worktable and quick change collet as optional accessories.


Technical Parameters
Model No. RD4013 RD5014 RD6016 RD8020/RD8025
max. drilling diameter(on medium-carbon steel) φ40mm φ50mm φ62mm φ80mm
max. drilling diameter(on cast iron) φ52mm φ60mm φ72mm φ105mm
max. tapping diameter (on medium-carbon steel) M32mm M40mm M46mm M52mm
max. tapping diameter (on cast iron) M40mm M46mm M52mm M60mm
max. distance from spindle to generating line of column 300~1300mm 350~1400mm 350-1600mm 450-2050/450-2550mm
distance of horizontal movement for spindle box(manual) 1000mm 1050mm 1250mm 1600/2100mm
max. distance between spindle end to the worktable surface of the base 300~1200mm 350~1200mm 350-1250mm 400-1620mm
max. travel of the spindle 260mm 280mm 315mm 400mm
spindle taper bore MT.4 MT.5 MT.5 MT.6
spindle speed steps step-less step-less step-less step-less
spindle speed range 54-340-2150r/min 38~275;275~2000r/min 38-275;275-2000r/min 30-220;192-1400mm/r
spindle feed steps 4 6 8 8
spindle feed range 0.10~0.63mm/r 0.10~0.63mm/r 0.06-1.00mm/r 0.06-1.38mm/r
speed of rocker arm up and down movement 1.2m/min 1.2m/min 1.2m/min 1m/min
rotation angle of rocker arm.(degree) ±180 ±180 ±180
distance of spindle movement for calibrated dial each revolution 122mm 122mm 122mm 151mm
power of main motor(tranducer motor) 2.2Kw 3.0Kw 4Kw 7.5Kw
power of motor for rocker arm up and down movement 1.1KW 1.1KW 1.5Kw 2.2Kw
power of oil pump motor for spindle box, column and rocker arm clamping 2-0.37Kw 0.75Kw 0.75Kw 1.1Kw
G.W. 2300Kg 3200Kg 3800Kg 6800/7400Kg
machine dimension(L×W×H) 2070×850×2430mm 2195×970×2480mm 2490×1000×2598mm 3090×1250×3460/3590×1250×3530mm

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