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PLAS PRO 1530 / PLAS PRO 2040

  • PLAS PRO 1530 / PLAS PRO 2040


1500×3000mm sheet capacity


2000×4000mm sheet capacity

* Other sizes available on request


Key Features

Work Table & Gantry

· 1500×3000mm, or 2000×4000mm sheet capacity (other sizes available) 

· Dual rack and pinion drives

· 20,000mm/min rapid travel

· 500-18,000mm/min cutting speed

· 150mm z-axis travel

· 300mm inbuilt dust extraction fan

· Hiwin linear guides (Taiwan)

· Roller balls to assist with material loading and unloading

Plasma Source & Cutting Capacity

· Hyperther Powermax plasma source. The world standard in plasma cutting technology

· 45A, 65A, 85A, 105A and 125A options available with pierce and cutting up to 44mm mild steel

Cutting Head

· Hypertherm cutting torch

· 45 degrees right and left tilt

· THC height sensor (Torch Height Control)

CNC Software

· Fastcam Professional (Auto-Nesting)

· Fontgen module (for simple alpha-numeric character programming)

· Save drawings to USB

· All popular DXF and DWG files suppotred

CNC Control

· Starfire CNC

· 8” LCD colour display

· USB input

· Mobile console

· Template library for quick and easy cutting of stardard shapes and angles

· Real-time cutting path

Hypertherm  The world leader in plasma cutting technology

PLAS PRO cutting systems include a Hypertherm powermax plasma source. Hypertherm are the industry standard in plasma cutting technology so you know you are investing in a tried and tested system that won’t let you down. We will match the capacity of the plasma source to your needs and your budget.


The PM2000 System has been designed to draw, nest and cut metal piple as simply and efficiently as possible. Ease of use is as important as the high levels of materials utilisation and optimisation the software provides.

Draw, Path, Nest and cut from the one system. Or use with your existing design system for independent post processing and nesting.

Easy Editing & Verification of geometry combined with one step nesting makes the system instantly productive.

PM2000-3  PM2000

Hypertherm Power max Cutting Capacities
 (mild steel)

Model Powermax 45 Powermax 65 Powermax 85 Powermax 105 Powermax 125
Power 45 Amp 65 Amp 85 Amp 105 Amp 125 Amp
Pierce & Cut 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 22 mm 25 mm
Edge Cut 15-20 mm 20-25 mm 25-32 mm 32-38 mm 38-44 mm

Hypertherm Power max Cutting Capacities (stainless steel)

Model Powermax 45 Powermax 65 Powermax 85 Powermax 105 Powermax 125
Power 45 Amp 65 Amp 85 Amp 105 Amp 125 Amp
Pierce & Cut 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 18 mm
Edge Cut 10-12 mm 12-16 mm 16-20 mm 20-22 mm 25-30 mm

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