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H10 / H15 / H10W Hand Stacker

·Ficom Hand Stacker is kind of wheeled vehicles which can load and unload pallet goods, stack goods, of transport in a short distance.

·Ficom Hand Stacker has the features of easy structure, flexible operation, and high explosion-proof recurity. This king of equipment can be used in some special area, narrow aisle and other small space. It also can load and unload cargos by entering the cabins of containers.
  • H10 / H15 / H10W

·C type steel is used on the mast, which ensures higher strength. Especially for double mast series, it is more stable when lifting.

·All series trucks are equipped with stretched safety grid, the grid and mounting screws are integrated, ti is not fall, and keeps safer and more convenient. Widened rear wheel frame can better protect the operator from being injured.

·Adjustable fork is opted.

·Standard Ficom Handle with more scientific ergonomic design, improves the comfortableness and reduces the fatigue.

·Original German seal ring can guarantee the service life up to 3years.

·Each hydraulic unit shall pass 3 times of the rated capacity load static pressure test after assembling.

·All back of the forks have strengthening units, whick ensures the intensity and durability of the truck.

·Conforms to EN ISO3691-5:2009.


Technical Parameters

Model Unit H10 / H15 (1)
Rated Capacity (kg) 1000/1500
Max. Fork Height (mm)(5) 1600/2500/3000
Min. Fork Height (mm)(4) 85
Min. Mast Height (mm)(6) 1980/1825/2075
Size of Fork (mm)(7) 150/160×60
Fork Length (mm)(8) 900/1150
Width Overrall Forks (mm)(9) 330-740/540
Radius of Gyration (mm) 1000/1250
Fork Rollers (mm) φ70×70
Big Wheel (mm) φ180×50
Net Weight (kg) 220/240

Model Unit H10W (2)
Rated Capacity (kg) 1000
Inner Width of Leg (mm)(2) 1000/1200
Outer Width of Leg (mm)(3) 1200/1400
Max. Fork Height (mm)(5) 1600
Min. Fork Height (mm)(4) 85
Min. Mast Height (mm)(6) 1980
Size of Fork (mm)(7) 150×60
Fork Length (mm)(10) 900/1150
Width Overrall Forks (mm)(11) 330-740
Radius of Gyration (mm) 1250
Fork Rollers (mm) φ70×70
Big Wheel (mm) φ180×50
Net Weight (kg) 240/250

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