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DWB Serial Drills

  • DWB

· 3-phase with two-voltage collocation.

· All main parts are made with quality cast iron.

· Two-speed motor, belt stepless timing.

· Milling function.

· Strength spindle, large diameter column.

· Grease lubrication.

· Worktable could be rotated and could be inclined ±45°.

· Motor driven or manual lifting of worktable.

· Digital readout for the display of speed and cutting depth.

· Electromagnetism clutch transmission feed measures is available.

· Micro feed is available.

· Coolant System and fender device.

· Supply accessories φ6~φ16mm collet, handle of milling cutter cross worktable, handle of collet, nut for T-slot, inner hexagon bolt.

DWB5030A/DWB5035A come with

* Speed display

* Electro magnetism feed

* Oil pump lubrication

The other model come with

* Speed display

* Depth display

* up & down motor

* Electro magnetism feed

* Oil pump lubrication


Technical Parameters
Model No. DWB5030A DWB5035A DWB5040A DWB5050A
max. drilling diameter(steel) φ30mm φ35mm φ40mm φ50mm
max. tapping diameter M20 M22 M24 M30
max. milling cutter diameter  
80mm 80mm 80mm
max.travel of spindle 125mm 155mm 190mm 200mm
max.distance from spindle to generating line of column 280mm 320mm 340mm 360mm
max.distance from spindle nose to surface of worktable 650mm 625mm 665mm 590mm
max.distance from spindle nose to surface of  base worktable 1120mm 1180mm 1195mm 1175mm
max travel of worktable and bracket/manual(mechanical) 605mm 560mm 570(450)mm 530(410)mm
swivel angle of worktable ±45° ±45° ±45° ±45°
spindle taper bore MT3 MT4 MT4 MT4
spindle speed steps stepless stepless stepless stepless
spindle speed range 70~249,249~3500r/min 65~460,465~3250r/min 60~400,396~2600r/min 50~316,316~2200r/min
spindle feed steps 3 3 4 6
spindle feed range 0.1, 0.2, 0.3mm/r 0.1, 0.2, 0.3mm/r 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4mm/r 0.08~0.50mm/r
diameter of culumn 110mm 120mm 140mm 180mm
size of worktable 450×380mm 500×380mm 520×440mm 580×460mm
effective working area of worktable 335×340mm 370×360mm 405×395mm 445×435mm
power of motor 1.1Kw 1.5Kw 2Kw 3Kw
packing dimension 960×590×2150mm 870×510×2140mm 1000×650×2220mm 1150×680×2250mm
N.W./G.W. 320/400Kg 550/600Kg 550/600Kg 650/705Kg

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