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Color Steel Step Tile Forming Machine

This tile forming machine adopts European design for the roll forming structure, so this machine will work more stable and its appearance is more beautiful, It can form the steel or aluminium sheet according to customer’s requirement continuously, and then automatically cut to length, The equipment adopts PLC control, AC frequency and adjusting the speed technology, and it realize the continuous automatically production, therefore,it is really a new type of energy-saving and high-effective producing equipment for metal roofing tile. And it has many advantages, just like high forming speed, low noise, stable transmission, easy operation, good appearance and so on.



Technical Parameters


Hydraulic Decoier


This hydraulic decoiler expands and hold the coil with hydraulic power, decoiling by hydraulic motor, It has separate hydraulic power station and control box to let the device can work separately, so it can also work for other equipment.


Guiding Device And Pre-Cutting


Adopt guiding bar and sliding block to control the width and position of the steel sheet. The coil is guided in the correct position and passed to the roll forming system. Can adjust the guiding bar with loosing the fixing bolts to feed sheet in right position. it’sfixed structure to make sure can not move easily.

Pre-Cutting Unit could used for cut sheet before enter into roll forming system.so as to save material won’t waste.


Roll forming System


Roll forming system consist of machine  frame, transmission system, electrical motor and roll forming system.

A. Machine frame adopts guide post with CNC machining and hard chrome coated.

B. All rollers material adopt high quality NO.45 steel, with hard chrome coated on surface, all treatment by full CNC machines, to make sure the rollers with good rigidity and precision. and form perfect roofing sheet as per design.

C. All rolling shafts are made by high quality NO.45 steel with quench and temper treatment, so the shafts with good rigidity which could use for long tern without deformation.

D. Rolling shafting supporting structure type is guide post and assembly with the basement after planer milling to have rigidity.

E. Cycloidal pin gear speed reducer motor driven, the back/forward and upper/lower rollers driven by one single complete double row chain, have better transmission by motor.

F. Adjust the bolts manually to adjust the distance between upper/lower rollers for difference thickness of sheet.

(Attention: all rolling system has adjusted in our company as a perfect situation, we don’t suggest to adjust the rollers at random, if necessary, should adjust by a experienced technician or after train by our engineer. Otherwise will cause the machine can not form a good profile.)


Press device


A. Press device is made up with press conopy, active presser, press hase and four guiding pillars. The press conopy, active presser and press base adopt welding structure with high quality steel, fabricated by large CNC machine tool to make sure the device can work together perfectly. The guiding pillars are made by high quality steel with precise CNC fabrication.

B. The press mould quality will affect the finished product directly. The mould material is special steel which has high ridity and abrasion performance, it’sfabricated by high precise CNC machine, then adjusted by a experienced technician.


Cutting Device


A. Adopts post cutting, the cutting blade material is Cr12 with quenched treatment, after cutting, there is no material wasted.

B. Adopts guide post structure for good rigidity for stable continuously cutting.

C. The cutting action is droved by the power from hydraulic station which guarantees the precision of cutting and low noisy, long life.


Hydraulic Station


A. Adopts integrated hydraulic station with cooling fan

B. Supply the initial power to the cutter through a closed oil tank. Hydraulic motor for decoiler is separated and could be switched off to save the power.

C. All valves, motors, pumps and pipes are from high quality Chinese famous brand suppliers.


PLC Control



A. Adopts PLC control and frequency adjust speed, length measurement encoder calculation technology, realize the automatic production.

B. Touch screen operation, adopt high quality compenents, such as Mitsubishi PLC, transducer and touching screen, Omron mini-relays, Schneider AC contactor, switches, and so on.

C. The system uses modular structure with convenient, reasonable wiring arrangement.


Finished Panel



It can be used to hold finished panels. We supply 2 pieces with length of 2000mm. Normally 2 pieces supporters together can hold 7000mm panels.

Working Step

Decoiling the sheet  →  Sheet guiding  →  Roll forming

Pressing the step  →  Measuring length  →  Cutting  →  Panels to the auto stacker


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